Rich Win App Download Get Instant 49Rs Bonus – Rich Win Rummy Apk Download

Rich Win

Rich Win APK Download 

Friends, another rummy game application equipped with amazing features has been launched on the internet market. Friends, the craze of this loot application is so much that this application has been downloaded by millions of people as soon as it was launched. Friends in this application you are given a lot of great features to get free bonus. You are being given a ₹49 signup bonus as well as a welcome bonus of ₹1500 in this application.

Rich Win App Download Get Instant 49Rs Bonus - Rich Win Rummy Apk Download


Apart from this, you get a weekly bonus of ₹111 in this application. Also, you get great features like Daily Roulette, Gullak Bonus, VIP Bonus to get free bonuses here. You can get tons of Free bonuses every day with these features. Apart from this, you get instant payment withdrawal as well as minimum ₹100 payment withdrawal. You can earn tremendous income here.  Happy Lotus Rummy

About Rich Win APK, Rich Win Teen Patti, Rich Win Rummy

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App Name :Rich Win
Publisher :Teen Patti
App Size :36.55 Mb
Version of App :Latest
Sign Up Bonus :₹49
Rich Win Teen Patti Refer Code :1072049
Rich Win Rummy Refer and Earn :Sign up ₹49 and Commission 30% Lifetime
Rich Win Apk
Download vRich Win Apk

Rich Win APK is one of the best and most powerful rummy game application. You get to play a lot of different card games related to Teen Patti game Rummy game in this application. Not only this, here you get a chance to win real cash worth lakhs of rupees every month by playing card games. Here you are being given the instant payment withdrawal facility from the company.

How To Download Rich Win APK

Download Apk Now 4

Downloading Rich Win APK is very simple. You just click on the download button being given below. After this you will reach the official website of this application. Now you will get the option download link button to download this application in the official website. Now you can download this application on your smartphone by clicking on the download button here.

How To Register In Rich Win App

How To Register In Rich Win App

There are many benefits of registering an account in Rich Win App. First of all, you get an instant signup bonus of ₹ 49 on registering an account here. You can use this bonus to play the game. Apart from this, once you come to the account, you can also withdraw the income that you earn by playing games here.

  • Account Create करने के लिए आप Application को Download करें।
  • अब आपको यहां पर Facebook Login Mobile Login Guest Login के Option मिलेंगे।
  • यहां पर आप Mobile Login ऑप्शन पर Click करें।
  • अब आप यहां पर अपना Mobile Number Password ऐड करके OTP Button पर Click करें।
  • अब आपके Mobile Number पर एक OTP आएगा आप Mobile Number को Verify करें।
  • Mobile Number Verify होते ही आपका Account Create हो जाएगा साथ ही साथ आपको तुरंत ₹49 प्राप्त हो जाएंगे।

Download Get ₹49 Sign Up Bonus Immediately Rich Rummy App

WIN GO : 3 minutes 1 issue, 2 minutes and 30 seconds to order, 30 seconds to show the lottery result. It opens all day.

AB FUN : AB Fun is a simple and casual entertainment game. The card size is not more than the suit, but only the points .

DT PK : In the DT PK game, the system will deal 1 card to the dragon area and the tiger area. The dragon and the tiger compare the size of the cards, and the bigger number wins.

LUXURY CAR : Luxury car game super car is a more popular turntable game on the Internet

HOLDEM : Texas hold ’em is one of the most popular variants of the card game of poker.

RUMMY : Rummy is a group of matching-card games notable for similar gameplay based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit.

Available Game IN Rich Win APK

Available Game IN Rich Win APK

Different types of card games are provided in this application to play Teen Patti game and Rummy game. Here you can win real cash by playing any card game according to your game. Apart from this, you can pass the time by playing games with your friends here.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. TP War
  4. Slot
  5. Andar Bahar
  6. 7 Up Down
  7. Ludo
  8. Red vs Black
  9. Dragon vs Tiger
  10. Car Roulette

How To Add Money In Rich Win App

Friends, on adding payment in this application, you are getting tremendous cashback offer. You get this back offer ranging from 3% to 15% on adding payment here. Not only this, here you can add a minimum of ₹ 100 and a maximum of ₹ 30000 payment.

  • Payment Add करने के लिए आप Add Cash Option पर Click करें।
  • अब आपके सामने एक New Page Open होगा वहां पर आपको Payment Add करने के लिए ₹100, ₹200, ₹300, ₹500, ₹1000, ₹2000, ₹5000, ₹8000, ₹10000, ₹20000, ₹30000 के अलग-अलग Payment Option मिलेंगे।
  • अब आप यहां पर आपने Budget के हिसाब से Payment Add कर सकते हैं।
  • Payment Add करने से पहले आप अपना Name, Mobile Number, Email ID ऐड करके KYC Complete करें।
  • अब आप यहां पर अपने paytm UPI I’d Dabit Card Credit card के माध्यम से Payment Add कर सकते हैं।
  • इस तरह से आप बहुत ही Simple तरीके से अपने Account में Payment Add कर सकते हैं।

How To Withdrawal Money IN Win Rich APK

The biggest feature of Win Rich APK is that here you can withdraw at least ₹ 100 payment. Here you do not have to pay any commission on withdrawal of payment. To withdraw the payment, follow the process given below.

  • Payment Withdrawal करने के लिए आप Home Page पर दिए गए Withdrawal Icon पर Click करें।
  • अब आपके सामने एक New Page Open होगा वहां पर आपको Payment Withdrawal के Related कुछ Information ऐड करनी होगी।
  • अभी आप यहां पर अपना Bank Account Details या फिर UPI I’d Details ऐड करें।
  • अब आप Withdrawal Button पर क्लिक करके Payment Withdrawal कर सकते हैं।

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Invite Friends And Earn Money With Rich Win Rummy App

Invite Friends And Earn Money With Rich Win Rummy App

You get ₹20 Commission for joining a referral in this application. In addition, if your friend recharges his account, then you get 10% commission separately. Friends, you can earn as much money as you want through this program. You can immediately transfer the income that you make in the referral program to your bank account. Here you get the facility to earn unlimited rupees every month.

If you want to earn more money in less time. You copy your referral link and share it on Facebook Instagram Twitter WhatsApp. The biggest benefit of this will be that you can reach your referral link to as many people as possible in less time. The more people will join this application through the referral link you share. The higher the income of the hand will be.

How to Collect Daily Bonus Rummy Rich Win Apk

How to Collect Daily Bonus Rummy Rich Win Apk

Friends, you are being given a free bonus of ₹ 111 under the Daily Bonus feature in this application. You can claim daily bonus by logging in here everyday. The biggest thing is that the higher your VIP membership here, the more bonus you will get here. We will give you information about VIP member ship below.

Here you get a bonus of ₹1 on the first day of login. After this, you get a bonus of ₹2 on logging in on the second day. On the third day log on to ₹2 bonus on the fourth day, log on to ₹2 bonus fifth day log on to ₹2 bonus sixth day log on to ₹2 of the bonus and in day to login you ₹100 bonus. This way you can login for 7 days and get a free bonus of ₹111.

Daily Roulette Bonus in Rich Win 3 Patti

Daily Roulette Bonus in Rich Win 3 Patti

Friends, you get a chance to get free bonuses ranging from ₹5 to ₹1000 through Daily Roulette for all people. Under this feature, you get a chance to spin on a recharge of ₹100. That is, here you are given double benefit. Here’s a spin on you₹5 ₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹1000 get the facility to win. It is up to your luck how much rupee bonus you get.

How to Get Gullak Bonus RichWin Rummy

Friends, you get commission even if you lose the game here. You all must be a little surprised to hear this but it is 100% true. In this application you get 4% commission for losing the game. Here you get to see the piggy bank bonus features. When you play a game in this application and you lose the game. And four percent commission of the amount of money that is bet in that game gets saved in this piggy bank feature. When the minimum ₹ 10 and maximum ₹ 200 are completed in the piggy bank, then you can withdraw here.

Rich Win Rummy VIP Membership

Friends, if you want to get more and more free bonuses in this application, then you must purchase VIP membership here. Because the more Membership you have here, the more value you will have. A total of 18 types of different VIP member ships are provided here. You get the first membership here on recharging ₹20. Apart from this, you get the last membership of ₹68001 here. The most important thing is that how many rupees you recharge, you also get VIP points which you can use to play the game.

What Is Ranking Features Rich Win Rummy Game

Friends, in this application you get to see the ranking features. You can check your ranking here with ranking features. The rank from one number to 10 numbers is provided here by the company. Here you also get monthly and weekly rankings. Every month from the company, every user who makes a place in the top team is given a cash prize. Your ranking will increase as you earn more and more money by playing games here.

What Is Message System Rich Win TeenPatti App

Friends, you get to see a messaging system in this application. You can get information about every activities happening in this application through messaging system. Here you can check all your old records. When and on which day you have got how much bonus, when you have taken payment, when you have added payment, you get information about everything on the message system.

Customer Support Rich Win App

In this application, the facility of customer support is being provided by the company to all the users. You can talk to the direct customer care officer here. Here the customer care officer is available from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Note – This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So I request all of you to play this game at your own risk and responsibility. Because friends, this is a kind of gambling game, you may get addicted to this game. So you play this game very carefully.

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Friends, we have given you information about Rich Win App, Download Rich Win App, Download Rich Win APK, through this article. Friends, this is a very golden opportunity for all of you. This application has just launched in the market you can loot as many rupees as you want to loot through this application.

Friends, we sincerely hope that all of you will have liked the information given by us. And I hope that you will start earning money from today by downloading this application. If you want to get information about the new information related to Teen Patti games and rummy games and new gaming applications that will be launched in the market, then you must bookmark our website.

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